Consumer Use and Safety

Information on cannabis use, THC concentration and potency, and consumption information by product type.

  • Deciding What and How Much
    Several factors can influence your experience with cannabis. For example, some people may experience a pleasant euphoria with cannabis, while others may find it increases their anxiety. more
  • Understanding THC Concentration and Potency
    When people talk about the potency of cannabis, they are usually referring to the concentration of THC in a product. In Washington’s cannabis market, THC concentration must be listed on the label more
    • Factors to Consider
      If you choose to consume cannabis, here are some factors that may affect your experience more
    • Onset and Duration
      When using cannabis, it is important to know the THC concentration of different products, how quickly they can take effect, and how long the effects last more
    • What is the "Right" Amount of Cannabis for Me
      The “right” amount is different for everybody. Some people, , choose not to use cannabis at all.  Others base their use on factors like potency, tolerance, and timing more
    • A Caution About Concentrates
      Research shows that the more THC a person consumes, the higher the health risks. In the short term, frequent use of products with high THC concentrations increases the risk of experiencing anxiety, paranoia, and panic. more
  • Cannabis and Other Substances
    Alcohol and cannabis are two of the most commonly used drugs in the US, so it isn’t surprising that some people use them at the same time. more
  • Reducing Risks
    Like other drugs, cannabis use has the potential for psychological and physical harm. While most cannabis users do not experience severe problems from use, there is no absolute safe level of cannabis use more
  • Safe Storage and Proper Disposal
    If you keep cannabis and cannabis products in your home, take precautionary measures to store them safely, locked and out of reach of young people and pets. It is not enough to put products high on a shelf or in a box. more
  • Accidental Use (including for pets) and Overconsumption
    Because cannabis products can look like non-cannabis edible products, accidental consumption is a risk, especially for young people and pets. This can result in cannabis toxicity or the need for emergency medical attention. more
  • Sources
    Sources for the above content can be found here more


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