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Southwest Washington

Main Office  
Kelly Higbee - Tacoma
Enforcement Staff  
Captain Timothy Thompson
Lt. Rick Smith 
Lt. Maureen Wheeler
Lt. Jim Martinez
Lt. Marvin Madtson
Sgt. Pat McFerran 
Sgt. Alex Everson
Sgt. Riley Kier
Officer Clyde Dean
Officer Terry Jones 
Officer John Kana
Officer Almir Karic 
Officer Don Williams
Officer Davorin Skoko 
Officer Monith Leap
Officer Matthew Harkness
Officer Stephen Gruginski
Officer Justin Pattirson


 Central Region

Main Office  
Federal Way - Alana Cooper
Enforcement Staff  
Captain Jennifer Dzubay
Lt. Pholeng (PC) Chue
Lt. Victor Hopkins
Lt. Dean Lambert
Sgt. Marcelo Portaro
Sgt. Lucy Peterson
Officer Charleen Pleasance
Officer Richard Steinbach
Officer Erick Thomas
Officer Tyler Thomas
Officer Ryan Grande
Officer Tyler Ivey
Officer Dalton Mills

Northwest Washington

Main Office  
Sherri Docekal  
Enforcement Staff  
Captain Tom Dixon
Lt. Steven Grassfield 
Lt. Paul Vanderwulp
Lt. Rafael Lucatero
Sgt. Troy McCallister
Sgt. Steven Telstad
Sgt. John Courtney
Officer Aaron Sanchez
Officer Robert Brulotte 
Officer Dylan Wiltsey
Officer Joel Widell
Officer Robert Jennings
Officer Matthew Stevenson

Central / Eastern Washington

Main Office  
Nona Engelhard

Enforcement Staff  
Captain Paul Magerl
Lt. Rob Reynolds
Lt. Rod Mittmann
Lt. Matthew Murphy
Sgt. Austin Shively
Sgt. Tim Mahan
Sgt, Rufino DeLeon
Officer Jon Christner
Officer Nathan Reynolds
Officer Scott McKenney
Officer Kevin Lillard
Officer Jesse Mill
Officer Dale Golman
Officer Kirk Schneider
Officer Garrett Marvin
Officer Brad Fraker
Officer Robert Sola


Marijuana Unit

Main Office  
 Belinda Verona
Enforcement Staff  
Captain Joshua Bolender
Captain Jeremy Wissing
Lt. John Wilson
Lt. Henry Gill
Lt. Jonathan Miller
Lt. Lee Slemp
Lt. E.P. Hackenbeg
Sgt. Jason Barsness
Compliance  Consultants
Compliance Consultant Joseph Bussman
Compliance Consultant Michael Jennings
Compliance Consultant Doug Jones
Compliance Consultant Gary Lane
Compliance Consultant Dan Turner
Compliance Consultant Antwan Lcke
Compliance Consultant Ashley Lam
Compliance Consultant Johnathan DeBord
Compliance Consultant Mark Duncan
Compliance Consultant Marc Barger
Compliance Consultant Grant Smith
Compliance Consultant Michael Smith
Officer Kimberly Horton
Officer Deane Davis
Officer Steven Morehead
Officer Bobbie Martinez 
Officer Tony Masias
Officer Rico Reyes 
Officer Kendra Ogren
Officer John Jung
Officer Jacob Garness
Officer Doug Geltz
Officer Richard Lee
Officer Percy Williams
Officer Patrick Matthews
Officer Gary Wilcox
Officer Nicholas Hills


Non Retail - Manufacturers, Importers and Wholesalers

Lt. Robert Knowles
Officer Kevin Russom
Officer Chad Schnathorst
Officer Kraig Seltzer
Officer Raymond Asher
Officer Michael Gaines
Officer Darin DeRuwe


 Tobacco and Vapor

Main Office  
Erin Hewitt 
Enforcement Staff  
Captain Daniel Rehfield 
Lt. Ryan Navrat
Lt. Susan Anderson
Lt. Mark Keller
Lt. Lori Sigman
Officer Diana Peters
Officer Christian Gonzalez 
Officer Joel McCloud 
Officer Robert Dunham 
Officer Robert Raveica
Officer Terry Camery
Officer David Redemann


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