Social Equity Plan

The LCB will further define the criteria of a social equity plan in rule making. Below is general information about what may be included in the plan as outlined in law:

  • A statement that the applicant qualifies as a social equity applicant;
  • A description of how issuing a cannabis retail license to the applicant will meet social equity goals;
  • The applicants personal or family history with the criminal justice system including any offenses involving cannabis;
  • The composition of the workforce the applicant intends to hire;
  •  Neighborhood characteristics of the location where the applicant intends to operate, focusing especially on disproportionately impacted areas; and
  • Business plans involving partnerships or assistance to organizations or residents with connection to populations with a history of high rates of enforcement of cannabis prohibition.

The LCB further defined criteria for social equity applicants as part of it rule making. In its draft proposed rules approved by the Board on Aug. 3, 2022, the LCB created a scoring rubric that allots points for various criteria and more. The proposed rules are available on the What is LCB Doing Now on Social Equity page.  



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