Research Projects

Cannabis Consumer Survey

The cannabis consumer survey was developed in collaboration between LCB and the Department of Health (DOH) to inform future education efforts that will increase the health and safety of adults who use cannabis.
Findings from the survey provide a preliminary but positive outlook that cannabis consumers and retail staff are interested in becoming more informed about cannabis products and ways to use cannabis more safety.

Healthy Youth Survey

The Healthy Youth Survey is a biennial, health behavior survey of youth in Washington. This survey is a collaborative effort of the Health Care Authority (HCA), Department of Health (DOH), Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), and LCB.

  • View the results of the 2023 Healthy Youth Survey, past survey results, and other survey information here.
  • We presented a summary of HYS 2023 adolescent substance use at the Board Caucus meeting on July 9, 2024. Find the recording here and a copy of the presentation here.
  • Review our Topics and Trends Spring 2024 alcohol newsletter article: The Who, How, and Why of Youth Alcohol Access Through Stores

Social Equity Applicant Experience Survey

The goal of the Social Equity Applicant Experience survey was to better understand the overall application process for the HB 2870 Social Equity in Cannabis applicants. This survey highlighted areas LCB can improve for the next Social Equity in Cannabis application process. 





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