Location Restrictions and Requirements

General Requirements

Per RCW 69.50.331(8) the board shall not issue a new cannabis license if the proposed business is within 1,000’ of an elementary or secondary school, playground, recreation center or facility, child care center, public park, public transit center, library, or any game arcade (where admission is not restricted to people age 21 and over).

  • The 1,000’ distance is measured from the closest point, parcel to parcel, in a straight line. The LCB uses geographic information system (GIS) mapping to measure these distances.
  • Local jurisdictions may reduce the buffer zone to 100’ of the premises listed above (except for elementary schools, secondary schools and playgrounds) by enacting an ordinance authorizing the distance reduction. Contact the city or county authority directly for information on each jurisdiction’s allowances.
  • Cannabis Restricted Entity map

The proposed location must be accessible by law enforcement.

Cannot be connected to a residence, located on federal land, located within another business, or located within the exterior boundaries of a federally recognized tribe without written consent of the tribe.

Below are some of the websites used by the LCB to verify restricted locations:

Local Laws and Rules
Each jurisdiction has their own laws and rules related to zoning, permitting, and licensing. Contact the city or county directly for information.

Related Rules: WAC 314-55-010, 314-55-015  



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