RCW 34.05.230 provides a framework for interpretive and policy statements, and provides a way for a person to request the conversion of an interpretive or policy statement into rule.

Interpretive Statements are intended to convey general guidance to assist interested parties by indicating the Board’s current analysis and conclusion(s) on issues that are neither case, nor fact-specific, and that may come before the Board at a time in the future.

An Interpretive Statement does not have the force and effect of law. It is merely an explanatory document intended to convey the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board’s interpretation of the law and regulation as it existed at the time the statement was issued.

Policy Statements are agency-level documents declaring the plans or intentions of an agency. Policy statements are different from Board Interim Policies.

Note: Policies are different from procedures and standard operating procedures because they apply to an entire organization and are primarily intended to set direction. In contrast, procedures typically include specific instructions used to accomplish defined tasks that may be described in a policy.

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