Responsible Vendor Program (RVP)

Welcome to the Responsible Vendor Program (RVP)

The RVP is a compliance training program for grocery stores and beer and wine specialty shops selling alcohol for off-premises consumption. It is designed to encourage licensees to adopt specific best practices to prevent sales to minors.

The RVP is a free, self-monitoring, voluntary program. For licensees who offer spirit samplings at their location, participation in RVP is mandatory.

Benefits of being an RVP member

RVP members actively contribute to the public safety of their communities. The benefits for participation include:

Any participating retailer who meets and maintains all program requirements may be eligible for a reduced sanction from the WSLCB if cited for a public safety violation.

  • Spirits Retailer: the standard penalty will be assessed instead of a double penalty (once a year).
  • Beer/Wine Retailer: the option to take a deferment for a first time public safety violation (once in two years).
  • Retailers could also potentially increase their protection against civil actions in third party liability lawsuits.

RVP Program requirements

  • Establish and enforce “house policies” for alcohol sales. All employees must read and sign the house policies and, at a minimum, must understand the following:
    • Acceptable forms of ID at your business.
    •  How to properly check ID.
    • The consequences for selling alcohol to a minor or an apparently intoxicated person.
  • Post the house policies in an area that is visible to all employees.
  • Post signs to deter the illegal purchase of alcohol by patrons.
  • Have an on-going employee training plan including:
    • Train employees in responsible sales before selling alcohol.
    • Repeat the training at least once a year.
  • Maintain an alcohol sales management policy to promote best practices.
  • Keep training records for three years.
  • Once certified, post the member certification in an area that is highly visible to the public, such as the main entry.

Employee training materials
The employee training materials are available in multiple languages in booklets and interactive online courses. RVP members may use the LCB’s sample program as provided or incorporate them into their in-store program.

Washington’s Responsible Vendor Program training

How to apply
If you have met the program requirements and want to become a member of the Responsible Vendor Program, please fill out the application and submit all required documents. Upon review of the application and the required documents, the WSLCB will either:

  • Certify the licensee and send an RVP Approval Letter and Certificate if the application is complete and meets the program standards and requirements; or
  • Notify the licensee of the area(s) the application did not meet the program standards and requirements.

Application and other forms

Other Training Resources

Contact us
Please contact us if you have any questions or need help implementing the program.

Phone: (360) 664-1727 or (360) 664-1728

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