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Please do not submit a contingency manifest unless you have submitted a Manifest .CSV and have not received an email with a PDF showing a successful submission or an error message within an hour of the .CSV submission. If you receive an error message for the submitted Manifest .CSV please identify the problem, correct the file and resubmit the .CSV file.  

User Guides

Getting Started and Login Guide
Getting Started and Login Guide details starting steps and how to log into CCRS.

CCRS Upload User Guide
The CCRS Upload User Guide details the process and information needed to successfully upload cannabis reporting data.

CCRS License Administrator Guide
The CCRS License Administrator Guide details how to add and remove users as well as manage integrators in CCRS.

SAW User Guide
The SAW User Guide details how labs, licensees and integrators will log in through Secure Access Washington (SAW). 

CCRS PREproduction Access Guide
The CCRS PREproduction Access Guide details how to access the CCRS PREproduction environment for non-reporting use such as training and testing.

CCRS Transportation Manifest User Guide
The CCRS Transportation Manifest User Guide details how to navigate and submit the Manifest.CSV.

  • Manifest.CSV (A manifest .CSV must be submitted – even if you used and submitted a Contingency Manifest – see below)
  • CCRS Contingency Manifest 
    This contingency manifest can be used to transport Cannabis products to their destination. Completion and use of the contingency manifest meets the expectations as laid out in WAC 314-55-085 but does not meet a license’s reporting responsibilities as outlined in WAC 314-55-083. To meet the requirements, the origin license who uses a contingency manifest must also submit a Manifest.CSV to CCRS with the same information provided on the contingency manifest as soon as reasonably allowed by CCRS. Please ensure the contingency manifest is submitted either as a Microsoft Word document or a PDF to ensure LCB staff can access the submission. 

Lab Test CSV TestName Data Field Expanded Detail document
This is a list of parameters for use in lab test upload.

Current Templates (.CSV Format)

Questions and Technical Support

For technical assistance with the CCRS application, contact the LCB IT Service Desk directly at 360-664-1776 or


Non-Technical Questions

For issues or questions about licensing, such as updating the email for a license, contact Licensing Customer Service at
For traceability policy questions contact the Examiners unit at
For compliance questions, contact your Enforcement Officer or Cannabis Consultant at
Cannabis Tax and Fee Unit (not for Producer/Processors) or call 360-664-1789




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