CCRS Resources

User Guides

Getting Started and Login Guide
Getting Started and Login Guide details starting steps and how to log into CCRS.

CCRS Upload User Guide
The CCRS Upload User Guide details the process and information needed to successfully upload cannabis reporting data.

CCRS License Administrator Guide
The CCRS License Administrator Guide details how to add and remove users as well as manage integrators in CCRS.

SAW User Guide
The SAW User Guide details how labs, licensees and integrators will log in through Secure Access Washington (SAW). 

Manifest Information

Cannabis Transportation Manifest
The online tool used to generate the official transportation manifest required for transportation of cannabis within Washington State.

Cannabis Transportation Manifest User Guide
The Cannabis Transportation Manifest User Guide details how to navigate and submit the Manifest webform required for transportation of cannabis in Washington State.

Submission Data Information

CCRS Data Submission Guide Error Messages
The CCRS Error Messages document provides all errors messages that a lab, licensee, or integrator may receive on submission. 

CCRS Data Model File Specification Manual
The CCRS Data Model File Specification Manual provides data definitions and file handling expectations for labs, licensees, and integrators. 

Lab Test CSV TestName Data Field Expanded Detail document
This is a list of parameters for use in lab test upload.


Questions and Technical Support

Licensing Customer Service at 
Reporting Examiners unit:
Compliance: Contact your Enforcement Officer or Cannabis Consultant or
IT Technical support contact the LCB IT Helpdesk directly at 360-664-1776 or for assistance.
Cannabis Tax and Fee Unit (not for Producer/Processors) or call 360-664-1689.

Templates (.csv Format)


September 8, 2021
This webinar was the Washington State cannabis industry’s initial introduction to CCRS, and goes over CCRS implementation and early governance.

October 4, 2021
This webinar includes a system demonstration, overview of user guides and specifications, review of contacts for the initial implementation, testing phase overview, and some Frequently Asked Questions.

October 29, 2021
This webinar is a review of CCRS focused on Lab reporting.


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