Vision, Mission, Goals, Values


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Safe communities for Washington State

Promote public safety, public health, and trust through fair administration, education, and enforcement of liquor, cannabis, tobacco, and vapor laws.


  • Goal One
    All Washington communities have the highest level of public health and public safety
  • Goal Two
    Our services are accessible and responsive to the needs of communities, partners, and our customers
  • Goal Three
    We have a culture of trust, belonging, and valuing people


We are professional and dedicated public servants. These values are the foundation of our culture and guide our interactions with each other and the communities we serve.

  • Respect
    We are inclusive, treating everyone with courtesy and dignity, ensuring equity for all.
  • People Focused
    We put those we serve and each other at the center of our work.
  • Open Communication
    We practice transparency, invite input, listen to understand, and share accurate and timely information.
  • Accountability and Integrity
    We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and follow through on our commitments.
  • Continuous Improvement and Meaningful Results
    We seek creative solutions to provide better outcomes by evolving our processes, systems, and services.




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