Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS)


These pages are where you will find the most up-to-date information regarding the Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS).

Please do not submit a contingency manifest unless you have submitted a Manifest .CSV and have not received an email with a PDF showing a successful submission or an error message within an hour of the .CSV submission. If you receive an error message for the submitted Manifest .CSV please identify the problem, correct the file and resubmit the .CSV file.  

We appreciate your patience and are committed to ensuring the new changes provide an improved experience for CCRS users.

The Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) has simplified the state’s traceability system to reflect the growth and maturation of the cannabis industry and in preparation for the future. The LCB and industry transitioned off the former Leaf Data Systems platform to a simplified, data-reporting platform developed and maintained in-house called Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS).

Access the Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS) here.

The CCRS system was updated on Jan. 9, 2023. Please only use the updated documentation provided on the CCRS Resources page for reporting.

CCRS Background
Beginning in 2019, LCB staff worked closely and collaboratively with stakeholders that included producers, processors, retailers, integrators, labs and others to identify the future state of traceability. That work was part of the LCB Board’s Cannabis 2.0 initiative.

Simplified and More Flexible
CCRS is a simplified, reporting solution that incorporates ideas and concepts from the Cannabis 2.0 stakeholder workgroup. Key benefits of system include:

  • Simpler. Reduces complexity of reporting which reduces margin for error
  • More flexible. Licensees perceive the framework to be more flexible for operational efficiencies; and
  • Potential of lower costs for compliance. Licensees may see a reduction in business and compliance costs.

Stakeholders are Aware
The LCB is committed to communicating with licensees, labs and integrators throughout the process. Users have opportunity along the way to ask questions and provide input. Licensees and commercial integrators were valuable in testing and providing feedback as CCRS was developed and deployed. Feedback from system users is also leading to changes to improve speed and ease of use. 

Available Resources
A number of communications are in place to support system users.

  • CCRS website: This new section of our website is dedicated to CCRS information. This site will grow as we release new information and resources
  • Webinars. Webinars were held on September 8, October 4, and October 29, 2021. Licensees, Labs, and third-party Integrators are urged to watch the recorded sessions if they were not present at the live webinars.
  • User Guide. A detailed User Guide is posted to the CCRS Resources page. It includes instructions about the solution, technical assistance resources and contact information.

Please continue to return to this website as your central point of information.



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