Cannabis Licensee Education

Discontinued Sales of Products Containing THC by Businesses that Do Not Hold a Cannabis License
The recent passage of E2SSB 5367 has generated questions pertaining to retail sales of products with detectable amounts of THC. This guide describes what is prohibited to be sold by a business that does not hold a cannabis license.

Secure Transportation Storage Guide
This document describes compliant and non-compliant secure transportation storage of cannabis.

Cannabis Product Testing Requirements: Past vs. Current
This document describes the changes in testing requirements for cannabis plants.

Measuring Plant Canopy
This document describes how plant canopy is measured, including laws and rules around how canopy is calculated.

Cannabis Retailer Safety Handout
This document describes suggestions for cannabis retailers to improve safety in their establishments.

Quality Control Testing and Sell Off Guide
This document describes quality control testing requirements, including recent updates and changes and frequently asked questions.





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