Deciding What and How Much

Several factors can influence your experience with cannabis. For example, some people may experience a pleasant euphoria with cannabis, while others may find it increases their anxiety. The effects depend on the type and dose of the product, the person, and the environment or circumstances of use.

  • Factors to consider
    If you choose to consume cannabis, here are some factors that may affect your experience
  • Onset and duration
    When using cannabis, it is important to know the THC concentration of different products, how quickly they can take effect, and how long the effects last. The chart below provides guidelines. 
  • What is the “right” amount of cannabis for me?
    The “right” amount is different for everybody. Some people, choose not to use cannabis at all.  Others base their use on factors like potency, tolerance, and timing. The “right” amount is different for each person.

A caution about concentrates
Research shows that the more THC a person consumes, the higher the health risks. In the short term, frequent use of products with high THC concentration increases the risk of experiencing anxiety, paranoia, and panic. Regular use of these products increases the risk of developing cannabis use disorder, cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, and of experiencing psychotic symptoms. Cannabis-related emergency department visits for acute psychiatric symptoms and cannabis hyperemesis syndrome have been on the rise.

More information about cannabis use disorder and other health risks can be found in the “Cannabis and Health” section.


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