Safe Storage and Proper Disposal

If you keep cannabis and cannabis products in your home, take precautionary measures to store them safely, locked and out of reach of young people and pets. It is not enough to put products high on a shelf or in a box. Young people are curious and resourceful, so it is important to store all age-restricted products securely.

Whenever possible, keep products in their original, child-resistant and/or resealable packaging with the labels intact. This will provide a clear indication to others that the product is or contains cannabis, making accidental exposure less likely. Also, those using the product won’t need to guess the ingredients or the THC milligram content or percentage.

When disposing of cannabis, destroy it beyond recognition and put it in a trash container with a closed lid to keep animals out. You can mix it with non-cannabis waste, such as food waste, coffee grounds, etc. to make it unusable and unrecognizable.

Most importantly, talk to your kids about cannabis use and why it is important for them to wait until they are of legal age to consume. For more information about why this is important and tips to talk with your kids, see the “For Parents” section.




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