Emergency Liquor Permit

The Emergency Liquor Permit authorizes a licensed manufacturer (such as a winery, brewery, or distillery) to temporarily sell their products at a different licensee’s location in the case of an emergency or natural disaster.

Emergency or disaster means an event or set of circumstances that:

  • Demands immediate action to preserve public health, protect life, protect public property, or to provide relief to any stricken community overtaken by such occurrences; or
  • Reaches such a dimension or degree of destructiveness as to warrant the Governor proclaiming a state of emergency.

The permit also allows the holder to store alcohol at the other licensed facility – the permit holder may store no more than a 30-day supply of liquor at the licensed premises in segregated storage.

Liquor that is provided by the Emergency Liquor Permit holder may be served by employees or agents of the permit holder or the different entity’s licensed premises.

The permit lasts for 30 days and may be continually renewed for periods of 30 days if the emergency or disaster continues.

A maximum of three impacted permit holders are permitted to sell at a single licensed facility.

To Apply:
Please fill out and submit the application below via email to nonretailliquorlicensing@lcb.wa.gov:

When LCB gets your application, it will be assigned to a liquor licensing specialist who will contact you as soon as possible to begin the process. If there are any questions, please contact the LCB by calling 360-664-1600 or by emailing nonretailliquorlicensing@lcb.wa.gov.



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