Know the Laws

Washington has many rules and laws governing the possession, use, and transportation of cannabis here and across state lines. This page gives details about complying with state laws. 

  • Using and Having Cannabis
    Cannabis for adult, non-medical use became legal in Washington State in 2012 after the passage of Initiative 502. Retail cannabis stores opened in 2014. Here are the laws to know and follow. more
  • Buying, Selling, and Gifting Cannabis
    You do not need to be a Washington resident, but you must be at least 21 years old and show a valid, government-issued ID to buy cannabis or cannabis products at a licensed retail store. To locate licensed stores. more
  • Growing Cannabis at Home
    Washington does not allow home growing of cannabis plants, unless you are a qualified medical patient or designated provider with a valid authorization form. more
  • Driving and Traveling
    Never get behind the wheel if you have been using cannabis. It is illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis; and it is a safety risk. Using cannabis can cause drowsiness, slow reaction time, and other side effects more
  • Underage Purchase, Possession, and Use
    It is illegal for anyone under age 21 to buy, possess, or use cannabis. (There are exceptions for qualified medical patients. more
  • Tribal Lands
    Most of Washington’s federally recognized, sovereign Tribal governments have established Tribal codes and laws governing the use and possession of cannabis on or within Tribal reservations and trust land boundaries. more
  • Federal Implications
    Cannabis remains illegal under federal law, where it’s still classified as a controlled substance. This difference between Washington and federal laws can lead to challenges in knowing how and where the different laws apply. more


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