Using and Having Cannabis

Cannabis for adult, non-medical use became legal in Washington State in 2012 after the passage of Initiative 502. Retail cannabis stores opened in 2014. Here are the laws to know and follow.

  • 21+ only
    As with alcohol, tobacco, and vapor products, only adults age 21 and older may possess or use adult-use cannabis.
  • Public consumption is not allowed
    This means you cannot use cannabis in any form, including smoking, vaping, or eating, in public places like parks, restaurants, on public sidewalks, at concerts, etc., or on federal land. This includes state and federal parks.
  • Purchase and possession limits
    Cannabis and cannabis products must be bought from a state-licensed retail store. There is a limit of how much cannabis you can buy and possess. (RCW 69.50.360 and RCW 69.50.4013) You may buy and possess a maximum of:
    • One ounce of useable cannabis (plant matter)
    • 16 ounces of cannabis-infused products in solid form (solid edibles)
    • 72 ounces of cannabis-infused products in liquid form (drinks)
    • 7 grams of cannabis concentrate
  • In a vehicle (car, truck, van, motorcycle, etc.)
    • Cannabis in your vehicle must be kept in either the trunk, or, if the vehicle doesn’t have a trunk, in an area not occupied or accessible by the driver or passengers. The glove compartment is not an acceptable storage area.
    • Cannabis in your vehicle must be in the original container in which it was bought and with an unbroken seal; it may not be in any container that has been opened.
  • Workplace and rental properties
    Check the policies where you work and live. Employers and landlords may have their own policies for the use of cannabis on their properties.
  • Hotels and motels
    It is recommended that you check with your hotel or motel regarding their policies on cannabis use on the property.



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