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Marijuana Licensees, 
I am writing to update you on the upcoming cutover from the current traceability vendor to the new vendor MJ Freeway’s non-commercial system “Leaf Data Systems.” On Wednesday, I provided an update to our Traceability Advisory Committee, made up of industry members and labs representatives, which discussed timing, training, and where to go for the latest information (our website at
Traceability Advisory Committee Involvement
At our most recent meeting of the Traceability Advisory Committee we asked for feedback as to when to conduct the system cutover from the current vendor to Leaf Data Systems. The input was mixed depending on the type of license held. However, all comments received were considered, including those from licensees and integrators.  
Because of the project timeline, licensee business schedules and contract expiration on Oct. 31, there is no ideal time to bring the current traceability system down and begin system transition.  The timeline below is considered to be the best compromise. 
Most Businesses May Continue During Cutover 
The period of downtime is driven by the time required to convert data extracted from the current system, transform and load it into Leaf Data Systems. The cutover period, when both systems are down, will not prevent you from conducting business. However, it will require planning ahead, speaking with your software providers and, keeping records, possibly manually, during the two days the systems are off-line.  
Cutover Dates and Restrictions
  • Cutover Period (system downtime)
    • Current Vendor Down:          Oct. 29 at 2:00 AM (Sunday)
    • Leaf Data Systems up:           Oct. 31 at 8:00 AM (Tuesday)
  • Restrictions
    • No licensee to licensee transfers:
      • Planning consideration: begin 24 hour transfer quarantine period by Oct. 27 (Friday)
    • No destruction of plants or product:
      • Planning consideration: begin 72 hour destruction quarantine period by Oct. 25 (Wednesday)
Additional Information
  • There will be no suspension of LCB traceability rules or requirements;
  • Record keeping requirements remain intact and LCB Enforcement will be monitoring operations and inventory to ensure compliance and prevent inversion or diversion;
  • Licensees may still conduct business operations with the above named exceptions;
  • You will not need to close your business;
  • If you use Third Party Software, you should plan for the downtime with your software provider to assess whether your software will cover your operations during the downtime and whether supplemental record keeping will be required to manage and record transactions conducted during this time.
Staying Connected
LCB will keep its project website current with project information including FAQs. Leaf Data System Training videos have been linked to the Training page. Be sure to check the project site frequently for updates. 
Thank you for your support of the state’s transition to a new marijuana traceability solution.
Peter Antolin
LCB Deputy Director and Traceability Project Executive Sponsor
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