Traceability FAQs

Why is the LCB transitioning the traceability system so fast? 
The contract with the current vendor ends on Oct. 31, 2017. 
Has the LCB pursued a contract extension to ensure that the new platform is ready?
Yes. Due to the compressed time frame, the LCB has sought a contract extension for approximately the past year. At one point, the current vendor offered a multi-year contract extension. However, the LCB is seeking a short-term extension measured in months. 
Based on recent conversations, the current vendor is considering a short-term extension. The LCB has proposed three months. The current vendor has said they will provide a proposal by mid-October. 
Of course, any contract terms must take into account the needs and resources of all affected parties. The LCB stands ready to quickly secure that extension should we have terms that are agreeable. 
When will LCB transition from the current Marijuana Traceability System to Leaf Data Systems and how long will it take?
The scheduled time required to transition from the current MJ Traceability System to Leaf Data Systems is 58 hours. LCB has not finalized the starting date and time of the transition.
What business activities can occur during the transition from the current Marijuana Traceability System to Leaf Data Systems?
Licensees will be able to conduct business during this time frame EXCEPT for licensee to licensee transfers. Licensees must keep records of all traceability activities that occur during this time frame and must update the new Leaf Data System with those activities when it goes live. Licensees are encouraged to purchase products from other licensees in advance of the transition period.
What requirements will I have to meet with the new traceability system?
The LEAF system will initially be set up to allow you to enter data freely. It will not prompt you to correct entries that conflict with law or rule. When the system is first launched, you won’t receive many alerts or messages to warn you that you’ve entered information that is out of compliance. Some rules and specific messages will be added through system updates over time. While the system will not stop you from entering incorrect or noncompliant information, it will allow for corrections to incorrect data entries.
When will training begin, and when will I be able to log into the state traceability site in a training or testing mode to familiarize myself and/or my employees with the system?
By mid-October, live and recorded webinars on how to use and navigate LEAF will become available. Live training sessions have been scheduled in October in cities on both the eastern and western sides of the mountains.  Registration is now open on the Leaf Training for Licensees page. Access to the state traceability site test will be granted after you've received initial training.  
Will my entire inventory have to be re-tagged with new bar codes/IDs?
No. The new traceability system will honor your current inventory’s ID sequencing, and the vendor will migrate your current plant/product numbering convention to the new platform. 
Will I have to change the commercial software I use to run my business? 
No. In fact, we do not recommend you change your commercial software at this time, due to the pending change-over of the state system and because your commercial software may prove instrumental in helping you “true up” traceability data during the transition period when there may be state system downtime.
You should, however, contact your commercial/third party software provider to verify they are preparing for the switch to Leaf Data Systems.Your commercial software provider will need to validate their product(s) against the LEAF API in order to integrate with the system. Make sure your third party software provider has completed MJ Freeway’s software validation process. Information for integrators can be found at
Will I need a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account if I use third party commercial software to report traceability data?
A SAW account is not required to use third party commercial software to report traceability data.
Will the agency grant a moratorium on, or otherwise relax, licensee responsibilities for maintaining and reporting traceability data during the transition?
No.  State law requires licensees to maintain and report current inventory at all times, even during a system transition. 
Is it true that MJ Freeway won’t provide data for public records requests? 
No, this is not true.  As WSLCB’s Marijuana Traceability system contractor, MJ Freeway will provide the data to support public records requests as required by law.   
Traceability Training
What do I need to do to get my data moved into the new traceability system?
You don’t need to do anything. Data migration will be done automatically as part of the transition from the current system to the new system. 
Will unique ID numbers work the same in the future?
Not exactly. While unique identification numbers will be used, they will be different than the current numbering scheme. The new unique ID sequence is explained in the online training video titled “Expectations for Data Reporting.”
Do I need to pay for the new traceability system?
No. There is no charge to use the state-provided version of the new traceability system to report your data. In other words, you will need to transfer from the current, state-provided free system to the new, state-provided free system (Leaf Data Systems). If you choose to use a commercial/third party software provider that integrates with the new system, you may incur charges from that vendor. 
Will I have to re-label or re-sticker all of my inventory?
No. Leaf Data Systems will relate your unique identification numbers from the current traceability system to the new unique ID sequence that Leaf uses. 
Will my commercial/third party system software integrate with the new traceability system?
Leaf Data Systems is working closely with many third party integrators as they prepare for the transition. You should contact your commercial/third party software provider to verify they are preparing for the switch to Leaf Data Systems.
What type of training will be available after the new traceability system is implemented on November 1?
A complete series of training videos including general overview videos and task-specific videos organized by license type will be available for licensees and their employees to view at the Leaf Training for Licensees page. As soon as the complete Leaf Data Systems User Manual is available, links to corresponding actions will be included alongside each video.
A constraint in the previous state traceability software made it impossible to select/sort more than one plant at a time. Will I be able to select/sort more than one plant in Leaf? What about multiple batches and lots? 
The concept of batches is being utilized to allow mass actions to be performed to groups of plants of the same strain, such as shifting them from one area to another, changing their life cycle phase, and harvesting.  Inventory lots can also be multi-selected for certain functions.
Can I select all waste to compost at once, rather than one at a time? When working with thousands of plants and their waste, it’s cumbersome to individually select plant by plant. 
Waste being managed as inventory (for destruction later) in Leaf is a new concept for the software. The ability for multi-selection of waste lots will be added in a future phase.  
Can I create sub-lots once a batch has been harvested in the Leaf system?
Yes.  Sub-lots can be created from any inventory lots in Leaf.  Multiple batches of the same strain may also be combined to utilize the full 5-pound capacity of inventory lots.
How much data will the State be able to access from third party software in Leaf? 
Only the data fields present in Leaf will transfer from third party software vendors to Leaf Data Systems. Remaining data will not be accessible by the State. 
Can I assign multiple levels of areas in the Leaf system? 
While Leaf only recognizes one “layer” of areas, these areas are created by the licensee.  So, sublevels can be created within the naming convention of the area.  For example: 
  • Flower Room 1—Zone A
  • Flower Room 1—Zone B
  • Etc.

What does the State require for entering wet weight?
The State requires that wet weight entered at time of harvest is separated into “flower” and “other material.”

Will I be allowed to convert any type of inventory into output in the Leaf system?
Yes, any type of inventory input can be converted to output within the software.  Licensees must be aware of the regulations surrounding procedures in order to perform these processes while maintaining compliance.

If my commercial (third party) software system is down, can I still enter data (manually)? 
Yes.  Licensees who are connected to Leaf via API may perform manual data entry if an outage is experienced with their third party software provider.  However, this will involve a “re-sync” of the two systems once the integrated software is back up.

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