Social Equity Glossary

With so many unfamiliar terms and acronyms, it can be confusing to try and navigate or understand what it means when trying to learn about and apply for a social equity license. This is a list of some common terms and acronyms used throughout the LCB’s social equity webpages. If there are additional things you think would be useful to add to this list, please email

  • Business Licensing Services (BLS)
    • A program run through the Department of Revenue. This is the online application portal through which applicants will apply for a social equity license.
  • Cannabis Business Academy
    • Free educational courses containing videos and worksheets developed by MakeGreenGo! for social equity applicants.
  • Disproportionately Impacted Area (DIA)
    • A geographical location in Washington State determined to have been heavily impacted by the War on Drugs.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) map
    • A dynamic, customizable map to show multiple data points in an area. The DIA map will use this technology to allow users to pinpoint the area in which they would like to apply for a license. 
  • MakeGreenGo!
    • The organization contracted with the LCB and Department of Commerce to collaborate on educational content for potential social equity licensees.




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