WSLCB Officers shut down illegal marijuana grow house in Puyallup

OLYMPIA -- Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) officers served a search warrant April 13, 2018 on a Puyallup residence that was growing marijuana without a license. The illegal grow was located at 10770 Rampart Drive East in Puyallup.

WSLCB Enforcement officers identified and seized 1,156 plants, much of which was flowering and near harvest. In addition to the marijuana plants, officers seized grow lights, ballasts, fans, and other growing equipment. The seized marijuana and growing equipment was entered into evidence. A Department of Ecology Hazmat team responded to the scene and took possession of fertilizers and pesticides, including Avid – a pesticide not legal for use on marijuana.

The location was not licensed by the WSLCB as a marijuana producer or registered as a medical cooperative. Modifications to the house and detached garage, including illegal electrical wiring, indicated that the residence had recently been repurposed solely for the illegal production of marijuana. WSLCB officers arrested the male suspect, a California resident, who was booked into Pierce County Jail. LCB officers will be recommending charges against man and the home owner for the illegal manufacture and possession of a controlled substance. The illegal production of a controlled substance is a felony.

The WSLCB received multiple complaints regarding the illegal marijuana grow. Neighbors complained that a strong odor of marijuana had been emanating from the house since January. WSLCB officers obtained a search warrant for the home which was served in conjunction with deputies from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.



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