Liquor and Cannabis Board officers seize illegally produced marijuana

OLYMPIA –Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) officers executed a search warrant October 31, 2017 on a Mason County residence that was growing marijuana without a license and illegally operating a liquor still. The illegal grow was located on East Rock Way in Shelton, approximately 300 feet from Mason County Christian School.
Officers identified and seized approximately 110 flowering plants and 142 pounds of marijuana. The location was not licensed by the LCB as a marijuana producer or registered as a medical cooperative. In addition to the marijuana an illegal still being used to distill whisky and brandy was also seized. 
The adult male resident claimed to be growing marijuana for himself and acting as the designated provider for his ex-wife. Designated providers are legally able to grow up to 15 plants for another person. If medical marijuana is being grown for more than one patient at a single location, the residence must be registered with LCB as a medical marijuana cooperative. 
The man was booked into Mason County Jail. Officers will be recommending charges for illegal production of a controlled substance with intent to sell and unlawful possession of a liquor still and mash. The illegal production of a controlled substance is a felony under RCW 69.50.401. The illegal possession of a liquor still is a gross misdemeanor under RCW 66.44.140
The LCB’s Cannabis Enforcement Unit received four complaints for the location including officials from the nearby school concerned with the strong odor of marijuana at the school. LCB officers obtained a search warrant for the home which was served with the assistance of the Mason County Sheriff’s Office. LCB officers seized the marijuana, a cargo trailer, growing equipment, still and illegally distilled liquor which was entered into evidence. 
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