Special Occasion Licenses

A special occasion license allows a bona fide nonprofit organization to sell liquor at a specific time, date and place. Examples of events include fundraising dinners, gala events, auctions, and wine tastings.

Note: It is against the law to allow a third party (i.e.: promoter) to run an event on your behalf in exchange for a percentage of the profits. Allowing a third party to collect part of the proceeds or take a cut of the proceeds could prevent your nonprofit from obtaining future Special Occasion Licenses.    

Special Occasion Licenses

  • Cost: $60 per day, per location
  • Applications available online
    • Special Occasion Application: English | Korean | Spanish
    • Special Occasion all ages outdoor event Addendum; English | Korean | Spanish
      This form is only needed if you are having an event outdoors and want minors and alcohol to co-mingle. Filing out this application does not grant you permission to have minors in your enclosed beer garden area. If you are approved you will be notified by the Board.
    • Submit your application and fee 45 days before the event to:
      • Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board
        PO Box 3724
        Seattle, WA 98124-3724
  • Available to bona fide nonprofit organizations
  • Allows sales of spirits, beer and wine by individual serving for on-premises consumption
  • The local authority (i.e. mayor or county executive) will be notified of your application and have the opportunity to weigh in on the application
  • Organizations are limited to 12 single-day events per calendar year
  • Special occasion licensees may not advertise or sell alcohol below cost
  • You may purchase spirits from a domestic (in-state) Spirits Distributor, Spirits Retailer licensee, Craft Distillery, or Distillery. You may also purchase spirits from a U.S. distillery holding a Spirits Out-of-State Certificate of Approval (COA) with Washington to ship spirits directly to licensed retailers. Beer or wine may be purchased wholesale or retail.




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