Cannabis Education

In 2012, Washington State voters passed I-502, legalizing cannabis for adult use. 

The LCB is the state’s regulatory agency overseeing the production, processing, and sales of adult-use cannabis.
These web pages address Washington’s legal cannabis market. The topics where LCB is not the primary authority, like medical cannabis or health, will direct you to reliable sources of evidence-based information.

LCB’s Cannabis Education pages have information on: 

  • Cannabis Basics
    Learn about THC, strains, natural and synthetic cannabinoids, reading labels, types of products, and more.
  • Consumer Use and Safety
    Information on cannabis use, THC concentration and potency, and consumption information by product type.
  • Cannabis and Health
    Short- and long-term health impacts based on age, type of use, pregnancy, medical use, and other factors that influence health outcomes from cannabis.
  • Know the Laws
    Washington has many rules and laws governing the possession, use, and transportation of cannabis here and across state lines. This page gives details about complying with state laws. 
  • For Parents, Guardians, Caregivers
    Washington is committed to keeping cannabis away from people under 21 years old. This section has information, proven strategies, and resources about preventing or delaying cannabis use among youth.



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