Food Service Requirements

Date Effective: January 8, 2022
Effective Until: Permanent changes to rule
Applies to: On Premises Liquor Licensees serving food in conjunction with alcohol sales.

Permanent rules regarding food service have been revised to provide greater flexibility for licensees. These changes are found in WAC 314-02-010.

Complete Meals

  • In addition to the requirement that menus must include both entrées and side dishes, the definition of a complete meal was expanded to include a combination of small plates to be ordered several at a time or on a rolling basis (one after another) throughout meal service.
  • The number of required entrées was reduced from eight to four.
  • Precooked frozen meals that are reheated, carry-out items obtained from another business, and snack foods do not meet the definition of a complete meal.

Minimum Food Service

  • “Limited food service” was removed and consolidated with “minimum food service."
  • The definition of minimum food service options was expanded to include items such as sandwiches, salad, soup, pizza, hamburgers, and fry orders.

Snack Food
The definition was expanded to include additional examples such as peanuts, popcorn and chips.




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