Curbside / Delivery / Takeout – Pre-Mixed Cocktails, Wine Drinks and Wine to Go

WAC 314-03-505
Effective Until: July 1, 2023
Authorizes: The sale of premixed cocktails, cocktail kits, wine by the glass, premixed wine and spirits cocktails, or premixed wine drinks through curbside, takeout, or delivery service.

Note:  This endorsement does not authorize the sale of full bottles of spirits for off-premises consumption, although mini-bottles may be sold as part of cocktail kits. 

Applies to:

  • Spirit/Beer/Wine Restaurants (all drinks listed above)
  • Beer/Wine Restaurant (wine or premixed wine drinks by the glass)


Food requirements:

  • For SBW restaurants, a complete meal must be sold with the “to-go” cocktail, wine, etc. Up to 3 ounces of spirits may be sold per complete meal. For BW restaurants, a minimum food service item must be sold with the “to-go” wine or premixed wine drink.

Container requirements:

  • The “to-go” cocktails, wine, etc., must be packaged in containers that are sealed in a manner designed to prevent consumption without removal of a tamper-evident lid, cap, or seal. A non-comprehensive list of examples is provided.

21+ Labelling requirements:

  • The individual “to-go” containers must be clearly marked or labelled with the words “CONTAINS ALCOHOL, FOR PERSONS 21+”. If the individual “to-go” containers are enclosed in a bag, box, or other packaging, the exterior of the packaging must be marked with the words “CONTAINS ALCOHOL, FOR PERSONS 21+”
  • To deter public consumption or consumption in a vehicle, licensees may not put ice directly into the alcohol “to-go” containers. Ice may be provided separately with the order.
  • Alcohol “to-go” containers must be placed in the trunk of a vehicle or beyond the immediate reach of the driver and any passengers in compliance with open container requirements in RCW.

Delivery requirements:

  • Delivery must be made by employees of the licensed business who are 21+. Delivery may not be made by third-party service providers. Delivery person must verify that person receiving the alcohol is 21+ and obtain their signature. Alcohol products may not be left unattended. Delivery may not be made to intoxicated persons.

Signage requirements:

  • Signs regarding public consumption and transportation of alcohol products sold through curbside, takeout, or delivery service will be provided electronically by the WSLCB and must be posted at the main entrance and areas of the premises where customers pick up alcohol products for takeout or curbside service.






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