Curbside / Delivery / Takeout – Growlers

WAC 314-03-510
Effective Until: July 1, 2023
Authorizes: The sale of growlers through curbside, takeout, or delivery service.
Applies to:  Grocery Store, Hotel, B/W Restaurant, S/B/W Restaurant, B/W Specialty Shop, Tavern, Brewery, Microbrewery, Winery (Wine Growler), Winery Additional Location (Wine Growler)

As specified in E2SHB 1480, sales of growlers must meet federal TTB requirements.

Growlers must be filled at the tap by the licensee at the time of sale, except that beer and wine specialty shops and breweries can prefill growlers as allowed by E2SHB 1480.

Delivery requirements:
Delivery must be made by employees of the licensed business who are 21+. Delivery may not be made by third-party service providers. Delivery person must verify that person receiving the alcohol is 21+ and obtain signature. Alcohol products may not be left unattended. Delivery may not be made to intoxicated persons.

Signage requirements:
Signs regarding public consumption and transportation of alcohol products sold through curbside, takeout, or delivery service will be provided electronically by the WSLCB and must be posted at the main entrance and areas of the premises where customers pick up alcohol products for takeout or curbside service.




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