Curbside / Delivery / Takeout – Factory Sealed Bottles, Cans and Kegs

WAC 314-03-500
Effective Until:
July 1, 2023

Authorizes: The sale of alcohol products in factory or manufacturer sealed containers through curbside, takeout, or delivery service.
Applies to:  Caterer, Non-Profit Arts, B/W Restaurant, S/B/W Restaurant, Snack Bar, B/W Specialty Shop, Tavern, Winery, Winery Additional Location, Brewery, Microbrewery, Distillery, Craft Distillery, Fruit and/or Wine Distillery, Distillery Additional Location

Alcohol products must be sold in closed, factory or manufacturer-sealed packages or containers such as cans, bottles and kegs. Licensees may only sell the types of manufacturer sealed alcohol products that they are authorized to sell under the terms of their license.

  • 21+ Labelling requirement:
    If the alcohol product is enclosed in a bag, box, or other packaging, the exterior of the packaging must be marked with the words “CONTAINS ALCOHOL, FOR PERSONS 21+”. Producers (breweries, wineries, and distilleries) selling alcohol products through takeout are exempt from this requirement.
  • Delivery requirements:
    Delivery must be made by persons who are 21+. Third-party service providers are allowed if licensees comply with the existing consumer orders, internet sales, and delivery rules. Delivery person must verify that person receiving the alcohol is 21+ and obtain their signature. Alcohol products may not be left unattended. Delivery may not be made to intoxicated persons.
    • If you would like to work with a third party service provider to process online payments, create an online shopping portal, or deliver alcoholic beverages, the WSLCB must approve the contract before you can proceed.  Details about this process are available here.
  • Signage requirements:
    Signs regarding public consumption and transportation of alcohol products sold through curbside, takeout, or delivery service will be provided electronically by the WSLCB and must be posted at the main entrance and areas of the premises where customers pick up alcohol products for takeout or curbside service.



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