Phase 1: Getting Started on Your Liquor License Application


Phase 1: Getting Started on Your Liquor License Application 

At this point, you likely filed your Master Business Application with the state Department of Revenue. If not, please start there. Here is a link to the Master Business License section of their website.

Time for phase 1: About 10 days
It should take about 10 days from the time you submit your application to your first phone call from one of our investigators.

During this phase…

  • The Department of Revenue’s (DOR) Business Licensing Services processes your application;
  • DOR sends the application to us, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board;
  • The WSLCB Customer Service Team enters/updates your information in our computer system;
  • The WSLCB Customer Service Team forwards your application to a WSLCB licensing investigator for review; and
  • A notice of your application is sent to the local authority. The local authority has 20 days to respond if they choose to object.

Communication you should expect from the WSLCB

  • During this period you will receive an email notifying you that we have received your application and have begun to process your application.


Phase 2: Working Through the Details of Your Application 



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