Alcohol Education

Since the end of alcohol prohibition, LCB has had a primary role in ensuring alcohol is manufactured, sold, and served in responsible ways and that only those over the age of 21 are able to buy and access alcohol.

The information in this section covers alcohol health and safety, and laws for possession and consumption.

Details on LCB licensing and regulatory roles and services are found in the licensing and enforcement sections of the website. 

LCB’s Alcohol Education pages have information on: 

Alcohol Basics
Learn about how alcohol (for drinking) is created, and its effect on people based on who consumes it, and how much they drink. 

Consumer Safety
Learn how to reduce the risks related to youth access, overconsumption, and other ways to create safer conditions regarding alcohol access, consumption, and storage.

Alcohol and Your Health
Find out about how consuming alcohol impacts health in the short- and long-term, based on age, gender, amount, and the length of time a person drinks alcohol beverages. 

Know the Laws
Contains details on Washington’s laws for producing, selling, and buying alcohol.

Alcohol: LCB’s Regulatory Role
The LCB oversees the importation, manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcohol in Washington State.

LCB’s issues liquor licenses and permits for more than 16,500 businesses, including
businesses like distributors, grocery stores, bars, wineries, and breweries.

LCB also issues special occasion licenses and banquet permits along with permits for events such as fundraisers, weddings, and auctions, as well as approves licensee added activities such as a tavern adding an outdoor beer garden.


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