CCRS Approval Process

The leniency period for integrators will be ending on Feb. 1, 2023. All integrators who would like continued access to CCRS must submit their application in time, or will lose access for their clients.

There has been an update to the Integrator application. If you have applied and been approved prior to be an integrator for CCRS, you will need to submit the new application, you will not need to submit the other documents again. If you have a pending application currently, please complete the new application and submit any new documents that were not already submitted.

One part of the update that should be notated is failure to report data on the behalf of a license that authorizes you to so or submit accurate information in CCRS according to the CCRS Data Model File Specification Manual are conditions that can result in access to CCRS being removed. To provide a starting point of when these actions will be enforced, the LCB is providing a 3-month time frame to make changes to your system or update the reports to ensure accurate reporting to CCRS. This period of leniency will start Nov. 1, 2022 and will end on Feb 1., 2023. After this date if you are not meeting the requirements access to CCRS, you will be removed and the integrator name will no longer be listed on the Approved integrator page on the LCB website.

Download the up to date CCRS System Access Application here.

Complete the application in its entirety and email all required materials to

Required materials:

  • Integrator contact information
  • Statement of services offered
  • Complete list of your LCB licensee clientele under contract
  • Blank template of your contract terms and agreements

Approved Integrators will receive system generated email with access credentials at primary point of contact email listed on application.



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