WSLCB investigation finds illegal marijuana sales at Kanzaman Tobacco and Gift

The East Wenatchee retail store is a licensed tobacco and vapor store

OLYMPIA – During a recent undercover investigation, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) officers purchased illegal marijuana from an employee at “Kanzaman Tobacco and Gift” a state licensed tobacco and vapor products retailer located at 511 Valley Mall Parkway in East Wenatchee. Under state law, marijuana may only be sold from a licensed marijuana retail store.

Acting on a complaint that illegal marijuana was being sold from the store, including to minors, two WSLCB undercover enforcement officers entered the store April 3, 2018, and attempted to make a purchase of marijuana-infused candy. The employee told the officers to come back later that week and he would sell them marijuana extract oil cartridges concentrated at 70-80 percent THC.

On April 6, 2018, the officers returned to the store and made an undercover purchase of 64 marijuana-infused cartridges for $780. The purchase was made at the employee’s car parked in front of the store. With the assistance of the East Wenatchee Police Department, the employee was arrested at the scene.

The WSLCB secured a search warrant for the business and the suspect’s vehicle. The vehicle was seized along with the 64 cartridges of marijuana extract oil.

Officers will be recommending felony charges for Unlawful Possession and Distribution of a Controlled Substance (RCW 69.50.401). The WSLCB will also be serving a violation to Kanzaman Tobacco and Gift for operating the tobacco and vapor licensed business in violation of chapter 69.50 RCW (RCW 70.155.150). The penalty of the AVN is revocation of both the tobacco and vapor product licenses.





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