8 Spokane businesses sold alcohol to minors during compliance checks

April 12, 2010

OLYMPIA – On April 7, eight Spokane businesses failed liquor compliance checks conducted by the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB). Officers checked 16 businesses for sales/service of alcohol to minors.

The eight businesses received Administrative Violation Notices for sale/service of alcohol to a minor after they sold alcohol to investigative aides working with WSLCB enforcement officers.

Compliance checks
The WSLCB regularly conducts compliance checks of area businesses licensed to sell alcohol. These businesses include spirits, beer and wine restaurants, grocery stores, state and contract liquor stores, neighborhood markets, taverns, wine bars and sports/entertainment facilities. Compliance checks are proven tools to reduce the sale of alcohol to minors.

Liquor enforcement officers conduct compliance checks assisted by investigative aides. These individuals are from 18 to 20 years old. They must present their true identification if asked by a clerk. However, they may attempt to be evasive if asked their age but not asked for identification.

Liquor enforcement officers are empowered to issue Administrative Violation Notices to businesses that fail compliance checks. Fines or temporary license suspensions can be issued depending on the severity of the infraction or the frequency with which a business has been cited. Clerks who sell can also receive a criminal citation. Liquor enforcement officers review the past two years when determining fines or license suspensions.

Businesses that sold alcohol to a minor:

  • Laguna Café, 4304 S. Regal St.
  • Round Table Pizza, 4510 S. Regal
  • San Francisco Sourdough Eatery, 2913 S. Southeast Blvd.
  • Jack and Dan's, 1226 N. Hamilton St.
  • Pete's Pizza Plant No. 1, 821 E. Sharp
  • David's Pizza, 829 E. Boone
  • Monroe Sure Save Grocery, 3039 N. Monroe St.
  • B's Garland Market, 1006 W. Garland

Businesses that did not sell alcohol to a minor:

  • Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, 1528 E. Sprague Ave.
  • Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar, 4320 S. Regal St.
  • China Garden Restaurant, 4410 S. Regal St.
  • Ferrante's Café, 4516 S. Regal St.
  • U.R.M. Cash & Carry No. 1, 902 E. Springfield Ave.
  • Bangkok Thai, 1003 E. Trent
  • Nascart Indoor Speedway, 1224 E. Front Ave.
  • Zip Trip, 711 W. Hastings
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