Liquor License Suspension issued for That One Place in Port Orchard WA

180-day suspension for repeated COVID-19 public safety violations

OLYMPIA WA: The state Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) suspended the license of That One Place in Port Orchard for repeated COVID-19 public health and safety violations. The LCB provided the licensee a 24-hour period to avoid the suspension by complying with state law. However the owner would not agree to follow the law and the suspension has been instated.

Licensee: R & E Kenady Restaurants, Inc (DBA That One Place) - 1397 Olney Ave. SE St. #10, PORT ORCHARD, WA

After receiving complaints about COVID-19 violations by That One Place, LCB officers visited the location and witnessed the violations reported in the complaints. During six site visits, officers from the LCB observed the violations and provided the licensee with information about how to comply and the consequences of remaining in violation of state law. Despite LCB’s efforts to gain voluntary compliance, the licensee has repeatedly stated they will not comply with the current health and safety rules barring indoor seating and service.

The Board believes continued operation of the licensed premises constitutes direct and immediate threats to the health, safety or welfare of the public and for these reasons the Board issued a 180-day suspension.

The LCB educates licensees to reach compliance and enforces Washington’s liquor, cannabis, vape and tobacco laws and regulations. The WSLCB is mandated to ensure that licensees in Washington State follow state laws and regulations. When licensees fail to comply with state law, the Board, under state authority can take action including the issuance of suspensions to ensure public health and safety.

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