Liquor Control Board announces BioTrackTHC to provide traceability software

Apparent successful vendor to provide traceability software for I-502 implementation.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) today announced that BioTrackTHC is the apparent successful proposer to provide traceability software to the agency. Apparent successful proposer is the official term until contract terms are finalized.

The traceability software will be able to trace products from start to sale and allows the WSLCB to monitor and track any plant/product in the system at any time. Accurately tracking licensee transactions and products is a major public safety component of Initiative 502.

Based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida BioTrackTHC is a software company with that designs, develops and supports marijuana-specific seed to sale inventory control systems. Their software is deployed in nearly 200 cannabis operations across seven states, the District of Columbia and Canada. BioTrackTHC scored 1041.65 points out of a maximum of 1200, making them the highest scoring bidder.

“Announcing the selection of a vendor for our traceability system is one more piece of the puzzle in creating a tightly controlled and regulated cannabis system for the state of Washington,” said I-502 Project Manager Randy Simmons.

Next Steps
There is a brief protest period where unsuccessful bidders can challenge. The WSLCB will move simultaneously to negotiate the contract.

Additional information -- including the bid from BioTrackTHC, a breakdown of the RFP submitted bids and other documents -- is available on the WSLCB website at




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