LCB Investigation Finds Illegal Cannabis Sales at Two Sites (Tacoma and Roy, Pierce Co.)

LCB Investigation Finds Illegal Cannabis Activity at “Vincere’s Compassion Club” and Roy’s “Red Barn Trading Post” in Tacoma and Roy (Pierce Co.)

OLYMPIA WA: Following an investigation into unlicensed cannabis sales, Washington’s Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) Enforcement and Education Officers entered the two businesses that were the subject of the investigation and seized 1,300 pounds of cannabis. The source of the seized cannabis is under investigation.    

Background on the LCB’s investigation and special operation:

During the investigations which were begun after multiple public complaints, LCB undercover officers purchased illegal cannabis from the two unlicensed cannabis retailers: “Vincere’s Compassion Club,” located at 10625 Pacific Avenue South in Tacoma, and “Red Barn Trading Post,” located at 34011 State Route 507 South in Roy. Under state law, cannabis may only be sold by a business holding a state issued cannabis license.

In the past few months, undercover LCB officers made three buys of cannabis at both unlicensed stores. Undercover purchases of illicit substances (psilocybin mushrooms and peyote) were also made at the Roy store. LCB officers subsequently obtained search warrants for Vincere’s Compassion Club and Red Barn Trading Post. In partnership with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, LCB officers executed the search warrants Tuesday morning.

Altogether, the officers located and seized approximately 1,300 pounds of cannabis products at the stores, including a large quantity of cannabis concentrates and cannabis-infused edible products being offered for sale. Many of the cannabis-infused products would have been illegal to sell in the regulated marketplace, including products exceeding THC serving size limits and products that are especially appealing to children. Both locations were also operating illegal cannabis “clubs.”

At Vincere’s Compassion Club, LCB officers also seized 73 cannabis plants, approximately 800 pounds of illicit cannabis products, growing equipment, cash, electronic and surveillance equipment, ballistic vests, and two firearms. At Vincere’s Compassion Club, an individual was arrested by LCB officers and booked into the Pierce County jail on cannabis-related crimes.

At Red Barn Trading Post, officers seized approximately 400 pounds of illicit cannabis products, a sizeable amount of psilocybin, peyote products, cash, electronic and surveillance equipment, and four firearms. At Red Barn Trading two uncooperative individuals were arrested and booked into the Pierce County Jail for violations of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act. LCB officers will be recommending felony charges for Unlawful Possession and Delivery of a Controlled Substance (RCW 69.50.401) and operating a cannabis club (RCW 69.50.465).

The investigations were prompted by multiple complaints alleging that the stores were selling cannabis without a license.

Images of the evidence seized and the special operation are available here.

The LCB educates licensees to reach compliance and enforces Washington’s liquor, cannabis, vape and tobacco laws and regulations. The WSLCB is mandated to ensure that licensees in Washington State follow state laws and regulations. When licensees fail to comply with state law, the Board, under state authority can take action including the issuance of suspensions to ensure public health and safety.

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