LCB Issues Emergency Liquor License Suspension of An American Tavern in Tacoma for Repeated COVID-19 Public Safety Violations

OLYMPIA WA: The state Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) today served an emergency liquor license suspension for An American Tavern due to repeated public health and safety violations of state COVID-19 guidelines.

Licensee: An American Tavern, located at 744 Market St. Unit 102B, Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington.

The first complaint about licensee health and safety violations was received on July 14, 2020. Since then the business has received a total of 60 complaints for numerous, repeated COVID-19 violations at the establishment. After many discussions with the licensee, several verbal and written warnings, four Administrative Violations AVN, $800 in fines, the licensee has continued to violate the Governor’s public health and safety proclamations.

Due to the repeated, willful non-compliance and disregard for public health and safety, the LCB Board issued an immediate, emergency 180-day summary suspension of the liquor license per RCW 66.08.150(4). During this period, the Board will seek to revoke the license permanently.

An emergency suspension is a rare use of the Board’s authority. It is reserved only for those cases where the public health, safety or welfare is at risk. The LCB has issued just four emergency suspensions for COVID violations since the start of the pandemic.

Licensees have the responsibility to control their conduct and the conduct of employees and patrons on their premises at all times. Except as otherwise provided by law, licensees or employees may not: (c) Engage in or allow behavior that provokes conduct which presents a threat to public safety.

The LCB educates licensees to reach compliance and enforces Washington’s liquor, cannabis, vape and tobacco laws and regulations. The LCB is mandated to ensure that licensees in Washington State follow state laws and regulations. When licensees fail to comply with state law, the Board, under state authority can take action including the issuance of suspensions to ensure public health and safety.


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