Guidance for Spirits, Beer, Wine Restaurants

Temporary Expansion of Curbside Sales and Delivery of Alcohol to Accompany “To-Go Food Sales”

Dear Spirits/Beer/Wine Licensee,

To ensure effective social distancing, and to reduce the number of contacts and number of locations a customer needs to go, the LCB will temporarily allow Spirits, Beer, Wine Restaurant license holders to sell closed, manufacturer-sealed, bottles or cans of beer, wine and spirits – in combination with the sale of to-go food or by delivery. This change only applies to sales of alcohol that includes the purchase of food. Liquor sales without food purchases are not included or allowed under this temporary allowance, which is in effect for the duration of the Governor’s proclamation temporarily banning on-premises dining.

Beer, Wine, Spirit Restaurant licensees will be allowed to (make curbside and/or delivery sales) of alcohol under the following conditions:

Curbside service:

  • Beer must be in growlers, kegs, or factory sealed bottles and cans.
  • Wine must be in factory sealed bottles.
  • Spirits must be in factory sealed bottles.


  • Delivery of beer to include non-factory sealed cider crowlers, jugs or other similar, non-factory sealed containers is allowed.
  • Delivery of malt liquor in kegs or other containers capable of holding four gallons or more liquid is allowed, provided that kegs or containers are factory sealed and that the keg sales requirements (see WAC 314-02-115) are followed.
    • Beer must be in factory sealed bottles, cans, or kegs holding 4 or more gallons.
    • Wine must be in factory sealed bottles.
    • Spirits must be in factory sealed bottles.
  • Delivery or curbside sales of bottles of spirits is allowed when purchased with a meal / food

These changes must be implemented along with COVID-19 health protection measures from the CDC guidance and Governor Inslee's Proclamation for retail establishments.

Additional Information

  • We continue to update the LCB website with information on changes for LCB licensees.
  • Washington’s COVID-19 web portal at is a reliable source for information.

We appreciate your effort to minimize spread of the novel coronavirus while you work to maintain your business.



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