Governor’s Proclamation deferring taxes and waiving penalties

Governor Inslee yesterday signed Proclamation 20-05.  This proclamation allows us to waive the penalties for failure to timely remit tax payments to the LCB until April 22. The waiver is made retroactive to the date of the governor’s declaration of a state of emergency on Feb. 29. Please note that this does not waive taxes due but temporarily allows for a late payment without assessing automatic, statute-directed penalties.

To be eligible for deferment, please:

Continue to submit sales reports timely, even if you are not able to pay on time
Submit requests to pay late to have penalties waived, by email at the following email addresses:

All spirit fee licensees, wineries and breweries can make payment by e-check through our systems.  Cannabis retailers can make e-check payments through their third party vendors.  We are also accepting checks and money orders by mail.

We understand this is a very challenging time for many of our licensees. We hope this helps.

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