Former licensee of Everett’s Star Mini Mart has liquor and tobacco licenses revoked

OLYMPIA – An administrative law judge recently upheld the Liquor Control Board’s (LCB) decision to revoke the former licensee’s liquor and tobacco licenses at Star Mini Mart located at 1418 Hewitt Ave in Everett. A new owner has been operating the business under a temporary license issued Sept. 23, 2014 and using the same trade name.

The LCB moved on the license revocation following the August 2013 criminal trafficking of food stamps conviction of Star Mini Mart licensee Simon Cho of Cho Enterprises. The criminal behavior took place on the premises.

In early 2014, the LCB issued separate statements of its intention to revoke the Grocery Store Beer/Wine license as well as the Cigarettes and Tobacco Products Retailer license. The LCB took revocation action on the grounds that the conviction resulted in the licensee exceeding the LCB’s criminal history threshold as established in rule (WAC 314-07-040 and WAC 314-33-020). The LCB will not normally issue a liquor license to an applicant who has accumulated eight or more criminal history points. The licensee’s cumulative total was 12 points.

The licensee requested a hearing in March 2014 to challenge the Board’s intent to revoke. On Sept. 15, 2014, the administrative law judge upheld the LCB’s action. The licensee did not appeal the decision within the 20 day appeal window established in law, clearing the path for revocation. The licenses were formerly revoked on Oct. 14, 2014.




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