Emergency Suspension Issued for 123 Vape & Shop in Bellingham Suspension for Repeated Sales to Customers Under 21 Years Old

OLYMPIA, WA 05/20/2021 - The state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) Wednesday issued an emergency suspension of a vapor product license after a series of sales of vapor products to youth.

Licensee: 123 Vape & Shop, 103 E Stuart Rd, Bellingham WA 98226

On May 10, 2021, the licensee sold, or allowed the sale of vapor product to a person under 21 years of age, in violation of state law (RCW 26.28.080(1); and/or WAC 314-35-075). The Licensee has been issued three previous Administrative Violation Notices for sales of vapor product to persons under 21 years of age; these sales occurred on June 2, 2018, January 14, 2020, and March 11, 2020.

Because this is the licensee’s fourth vapor product violation within a three-year period, the Board believes the licensee’s conduct creates a direct or immediate threat to public health, safety, or both, and set the penalty for this violation to be $3,000 and a 12-month suspension of the Licensee’s vapor product retailer, and vapor product distributor licenses. However, because of aggravating circumstances, the LCB seeks an aggravated penalty of revocation/cancellation of all licenses.

The LCB educates licensees to reach compliance and enforces Washington’s liquor, cannabis, vape and tobacco laws and regulations. The WSLCB is mandated to ensure that licensees in Washington State follow state laws and regulations. When licensees fail to comply with state law, the Board, under state authority can take action including the issuance of suspensions to ensure public health and safety.

For more information about laws related to vapor products visit the WSLCB website at lcb.wa.gov.

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