Emergency license suspension issued for Vancouver’s El Parral

OLYMPIA -- The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) today issued an emergency liquor license suspension of up to 180 days for El Parral, located at 704 Main Street, Vancouver, WA. The suspension is effective for 180 days beginning August 10, 2011. During that time, the WSLCB will seek revocation of the license.

Emergency suspensions represent an extraordinary exercise of the state’s power and the WSLCB is mandated to ensure that an emergency suspension is reasonable, justifiable and legal in every way. The WSLCB has issued no other emergency suspensions in 2011. The WSLCB issued two in 2010 and two in 2009.

The emergency suspension is the result of evidence provided to the WSLCB of substantial criminal activity conducted on the licensed premise by El Parral’s manager.

Between October of 2010 and June of 2011, on five separate occasions, the manager of El Parral, sold or delivered methamphetamine to confidential informants working for the Clark Skamania Drug Task Force or the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The manager also sold the confidential informant a large caliber handgun which was later determined to have been stolen.

• The WSLB today issued three separate public safety violations related to the methamphetamine sales. The violations are of WAC 314-11-015(3) – Engaging in, or permitting conduct on the licensed premises, that is prohibited by the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, Title 69.50.401(1).

• The WSLCB today issued one public safety violation related to the unlawful possession of a firearm. The violation is of WAC 314-11-015(3) Engaging in, or permitting conduct on the licensed premises, that is prohibited by the state’s criminal code Title 9A and/or Title 9.

Additionally, Vancouver liquor enforcement officers have issued several administrative violation notices (AVNs) and written warnings, some of which were for public safety. Many of the violations are being contested and are currently awaiting an administrative hearing.

El Parral’s two-year violation history is available here. The complaint and emergency suspension order are available here.

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