5 businesses in Spokane and Lincoln counties sold alcohol to minors during checks

May 3, 2011

OLYMPIA – On April 14, five businesses in Spokane and Lincoln counties failed liquor compliance checks conducted by the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB). WSLCB enforcement officers checked 22 businesses for sales/service of alcohol to minors.

The five businesses sold alcohol to investigative aides working with WSLCB enforcement officers.

Compliance checks
The WSLCB regularly conducts compliance checks of area businesses licensed to sell alcohol. These businesses include restaurants, grocery stores, state and contract liquor stores, neighborhood markets, taverns, wine bars and sports/entertainment facilities. Compliance checks are proven tools to reduce the sale of alcohol to minors.

Liquor enforcement officers conduct compliance checks assisted by investigative aides. These individuals are from 18 to 20 years old. They must present their true identification if asked by a clerk. However, they may attempt to be evasive if asked their age but not asked for identification.

Liquor enforcement officers are empowered to issue Administrative Violation Notices to businesses that fail compliance checks. Fines or temporary license suspensions can be issued depending on the severity of the infraction or the frequency with which a business has been cited.

Contract liquor stores are run by private business owners who sign a contract with the state to operate the store. Contract liquor stores that fail a compliance check face a reduction in the commission paid to them by the WSLCB and could risk losing their contract with the state to operate the store.

Businesses that sold alcohol to a minor:

Rolling Thunder Saloon, 13 W. First

Wonder Mini Mart, 314 S.W. Main

Contract Liquor Store No. 589, W. 203 Shaffer
Kountry Korner, 110 N. Main

Loon Lake
Loon Lake Self Service, 3937 Gardenspot Road

Businesses that did not sell alcohol to a minor:

7-Eleven, 177 S. Division

Sprague Chevron, 316 S. Colfax St.
Contract Liquor Store No. 543, 201 W. First

Contract Liquor Store No. 586, 19 W. First Ave.
Denny’s Thrift Store, W. 124 First Ave.
Chiefs Bar and Grill, 17 E. First
Odessa Golf Club, 13080 Highway 28

Sandy’s Thrift, 509 N.W. Main
Alibi, 4 S.W. Main
Contract Liquor Store No. 541, 112 S.E. Main
Boyds Place, 15 N.E. Main

Big Bob’s Mercantile, 245 Watson S.W.

Contract Liquor Store No. 533, 621 Morgan St.

Hunters Inn, 4987 Highway 25 S.
Contract Liquor Store No. 674, 4983 Highway 25 S.

Loon Lake
Loon Lake Exxon, 3938 Highway 292

Deer Park
Contract Liquor Store No. 542, 603 S. Fir Ave.




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