Compliance check results: Spokane

OLYMPIA – 100 percent of checked Spokane businesses passed compliance checks conducted by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB). On November 4, 2015, officers checked 11 businesses for sales/service of alcohol or cannabis to minors.
Compliance checks

The WSLCB and local authorities regularly conduct compliance checks of area businesses licensed to sell alcohol or cannabis. These businesses include restaurants, grocery stores, liquor stores, neighborhood markets, taverns, wine bars and cannabis retail outlets. Compliance checks are proven tools to reduce the sale of restricted products to minors.

Investigative aides assist officers with compliance checks. These individuals are from 18 to 20 years old. They must either present their true identification or none at all if asked by a clerk.

Enforcement officers are empowered to issue Administrative Violation Notices to businesses that fail compliance checks. Fines or temporary license suspensions can be issued depending on the severity of the infraction or the frequency with which a business has been cited.

Businesses that did not sell alcohol or cannabis to a minor:

  1. Tesoro #61235, 14704 E Sprague, Spokane
  2. Trading Co Store #4, 13014 E Sprague, Spokane
  3. Pronto Plus, 520 S Pines Rd, Spokane 
  4. Top of India, 11114 E Sprague, Spokane
  5. Bolo’s Bar & Grill, 116 S Best Rd, Spokane 
  6. Dos Amigos, 12119 E Trent Ave, Spokane
  7. Borracho, 211 N Division St, Spokane
  8. Rocky Rococo, 520 W Main Ave, Spokane
  9. Chevron Food Mart, 404 S Maple, Spokane
  10. City Food, 1527 W 3rd Ave, Spokane
  11. Italia Trattoria, 144 S Cannon St, Spokane 

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board’s mission is to promote public safety and trust through fair administration and enforcement of liquor, tobacco and cannabis laws.




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