Hosting Parties

Hosts are responsible for making sure an event is fun and safe. The best way to do this is through careful planning. If serving alcoholic beverages at a party, consider these steps to reduce risks and improve safety.

  • Don’t serve alcohol to minors. Hosts are responsible for ensuring anyone under 21 years of age is not drinking. In most cases, providing alcohol to minors is against the law.
  • Serve food throughout the event, especially foods high in protein and healthy fat, such as cheese, meats, and nuts. These stay in the stomach longer and slow down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.
  • When serving alcohol, remember standard drink sizes. Offer lighter beers and wines that have a lower ABV. Make a punch that contains a lower, or no amount of alcohol in each serving.  A punch with higher amounts of alcohol per serving can quickly lead to overdrinking.
  • Don’t push drinks on guests or rush to refill their glasses. Some guests may accept drinks they don’t want to avoid appearing rude. Push food, not alcohol-containing drinks.
  • Always have non-alcoholic drinks available for guests. Tell guests that you want to keep the party safe for driving home and appreciate their keeping track of what they are drinking and to alternate between alcoholic drinks, water, and high-protein snacks.
  • Have one-ounce pour spouts for liquor bottles or one-ounce shot glasses available to measure alcohol for mixed drinks.
  • Stop serving alcohol one to two hours before the event ends but continue serving nonalcoholic drinks and food. Keep in mind that for most a two-hour wait will still not be enough time to eliminate all the alcohol from their bodies. Find safe rides home using ride-sharing services, taxis, or non-drinking designated drivers. Don’t let others drink and drive!
  • Choose guests carefully. Inviting strangers or those who are not responsible with alcohol can create difficult situations.



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