Retesting Requirements

This page is for licensees who would like to know if they can retest a product that has failed at least one of the tests conducted by a certified laboratory.
The licensee will need LCB approval received via reply to a retest request email.
The LCB approval email can then be forwarded by the licensee to the laboratory conducting the retest.

If the failed product result is within the criteria for retesting, please:

  1. Send an email to containing ‘Retest Request’ in the title.
  2. Attach the Certificate of Analysis showing the failed test and result.
  3. Include the trade name, license number, inventory number, and the name of the test being requested.


QTC Threshold Spreadsheet
Please use this spreadsheet to determine whether a retest can be requested.

Spreadsheet Column Definitions:

  • Category - Currently the testing categories are:
    • Potency
    • Mycotoxin
    • Water Activity
    • Foreign Matter
    • Microbiological
    • Heavy Metal
    • Residual Solvent
    • Pesticide
  • Test Performed  -  The specific item being tested for in the sample.
  • Passing Value  -  The measured value for the sample must be less than or equal to this value for the sample to pass.
  • Retest Threshold -  If retesting is possible, the measured value for the sample must comply with the stated value. If no retest is allowed, the cell will contain the text ‘NO RETEST’.
  • Retest Limit (Simplified) -  This value is the same as the Retest Threshold but displayed in a more common unit.
  • Extraction Allowed - This field will contain ‘YES’, ‘NO’, or a value. A ≤ value means that the measured value for the sample must be less than or equal to that value to be extracted.

How to use the spreadsheet to determine if a failed sample is eligible for retesting:

  1. If a sample fails on Microbiological – BTGN (CFU/g) open the spreadsheet.
  2. Find the Microbiological test section:

  3. BTGN is the Test Performed. Unprocessed refers to unprocessed plant material (ex. flower) and processed refers to processed plant material (ex. cannabis mix).

  4. If the sample was unprocessed flower retesting can be approved if the measured sample value is less than or equal to 2.0E4 CFU/g or 20,000 CFU/g.


For questions or concerns, please email 

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