Surveillance / Security

Identification Badges

  • All licensees and employees are required to hold and display an ID badge issued by the employer at all times while on the licensed premise. The badge must contain the business trade name, the person’s full legal name and their picture.
  • All visitors (not including customers) are required to hold and display a visitor badge while on the premise.  A log must be kept detailing the visitor’s name, badge number, arrival and departure times, and the purpose of their visit.

Alarm Systems
All perimeter doors and windows must have a security alarm. There are many alarm options including but not limited to: motion detectors, pressure switches, duress, panic, and hold-up alarms.

Surveillance Systems

  • Each licensed premise must have a complete video surveillance system which is stored in a secured lockbox, cabinet, closet or other secured manner on the premise.
  • Cameras are required and must have a minimum resolution of 640 x 470 pixels or pixel equivalent for analog and record continuously, 24 hours per day at a minimum of 10 frames per second. Recordings must be kept a minimum of 45 days on the recording device.
  • The storage device and/or cameras must be Internet protocol (IP) compatible.
  • Cameras must be fixed and placed so that all people and activities are clear and identifiable in all controlled areas (with no blind spots). Rooms or areas where cannabis is never present are not considered control areas and do not require camera coverage. An example would be a public or employee restroom.
  • There are certain areas which require specific camera coverage:
    • All entrances and exits recorded from both inside and outside.
    • All point of sale areas, and any room or area storing a surveillance system storage device.

Enforcement Cannabis Retailer Safety Handout
Review this document from the Enforcement and Education division with tips on increasing safety at your cannabis retail location.

Related Rules:  WAC 314-55-083 



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