What to Expect When Attending a Board Meeting


Squaxin Tribal Compact signing 

Swearing in new officers with the Chief of Enforcement

Board meetings often draw media and public attention 

Director Garza meets with the media after a Board meeting 

What to Expect When Attending a Board Meeting
Welcome to the Board's homepage and thank you for your interest in our work. We have bi-weekly Board meetings at the LCB headquarters building in Olympia at 10:00am. For first time observers or participants there are a few things to be aware of in order to get the most out of your experience. Our meetings vary in length depending on the number of topics at hand. There is, however, always an opportunity for the public to speak. The meetings generally use the following format:
Call to order and approval of minutes 
  • Agency related business - This includes retirements, swearing in of new officers, award presentations, etc.
  • Rulemaking - Staff present rulemaking updates to the Board
  • Public Hearings - This is the public's opportunity to testify (some pointers on testifying below) about proposed rules. To have the greatest impact we recommend limiting your comments to the topic at hand
  • Public Comment - At the close of each meeting there is a public comment period to allow anyone to address the Board on any topic. It is important to remember that the Board Members are not obligated to answer questions or engage during public testimony but are listening to what you have to say
  • Adjournment 
Public Hearings
Upon arrival at the boardroom, sign in to testify on the roster for the appropriate public hearing scheduled that day. The Board Chair will open the public hearing and facilitate the testimony. Time will be limited to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to speak.
Introduce yourself to the Chair and Board Members and tell us why you are here. For example, "Mr. or Madam Chair and Members of the Board, I am Sam Smith from University Place. I am here representing myself. I support/object to this rule because . . ."
  • Clarify whether remarks represent yourself or a separate group (trade/public health/government organization)
  • Be clear and concise
  • Observe the time limit for testimony
  • Be prepared for questions and comments from Board members but remember that we may not ask any
  • Refrain from clapping, cheering, booing, or other disruptive behavior.
Remote Viewing and Participation
The public is able to observe meetings and communication with the Board from a mobile device or personal computer using the Microsoft Teams platform. Please visit the Meeting Schedule page for instructions on how to view the Board meetings on this platform. Ultimately it is the Board's goal to offer the public the opportunity to testify remotely using this broadcasting software.  
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