Cannabis Research

Allows a holder of the license to produce, process, and possess cannabis for the limited research purposes provided in RCW 69.50.372.

  • Application is fee $250.
  • Application must be submitted to Business Licensing Service either online or by mail.  Information for this license type can be found on their website.
  • You must submit a copy of the project approval from the designated scientific reviewer. If Dynamite Ag, Inc. doesn’t approve the proposed research, the application will be withdrawn with no refund.
  • Labs that are certified to perform quality assurance testing on cannabis and cannabis products by the WSLCB may apply for a research license.
  • A scientific reviewer must assess the applicant’s research project and determine if it meets requirements.
  • Research activities must occur at a facility that is separate from another cannabis license with the exception of actively licensed cannabis producers and processors.  In those instances, producers must separate research activities with full walls and a door.  Processors may possess cannabis for research purposes at the actively-licensed business premises.  A shared entrance and exit is allowed for both licensed producers and processors.


RCW: 28B.20.502; 69.50.369; 69.50.372;
WAC: 314.55.073;



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