Retailer License Description and Fees

Retail License

Cannabis Retailer
Not Currently Available

Allows the licensee to sell only useable cannabis, cannabis concentrates,cannabis-infused products,cannabis paraphernalia, and lockable boxes to store cannabis at retail in retail outlets to persons twenty-one years of age and older, except as allowed for persons under twenty-one years of age consistent with RCW 69.50.357 and WAC 314.55.080.

RCW: 69.50.325; 69.50.328; 69.50.354; 69.50.357; 69.50.360; 69.50.369; 69.50.375; 69.50.378; 69.50.380; 69.50.390;
WAC: 314.55.018; 314.55.055; 314.55.079; 314.55.080; 314.55.083; 314.55.147; 314.55.150;

Change Applications:

Change of Location $75
A change of location occurs any time a move by the licensee results in any change to the physical location address.

Change in Governing People, Percentage Owned and/or Stock/Unit Ownership $75
To change the qualifying persons for a publicly or privately held corporation or in a limited liability company.  A change in the qualifying persons for a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership requires a new application.

Change in Site: Request to Alter Cannabis Site and/or Operating Plan $75
This application is used to request physical alterations to the licensed premise, or to change a previously submitted operating plan.  


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