Cannabis Tax Forms

Below are the Cannabis Retailer forms, which have been revised to include medical cannabis product sales in June 2024. Cannabis retail licensees are required to a Retailer Sales and Tax report their monthly sales, even if they have no sales, by the tax due date each month. Your report and the collected Cannabis excise tax payment must be received, or postmarked if mailed, no later than the tax day each month to avoid the 2% late payment penalty.

How to Submit Cannabis Retailer Tax Report (LIQ1295) Guide

Please download the cannabis retailer report forms below:

Reporting of medical cannabis exempted sales will start with the June 2024 Cannabis Retailer monthly sales/tax report due July 22, 2024. Cannabis retailers that do not have an active medical endorsement will be notified by email, they do not qualify for the exemption and will be assessed the 37% cannabis excise tax on the claimed medical cannabis product sales. To avoid being assessed the 2% late payment penalty on the account balance, payment will be due by the tax due date.

For further assistance with cannabis tax reporting, please refer to the Cannabis Tax Reporting Guide.

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